15 Things You Didn’t Know About John Cena And His In-Laws

John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 33 a few months ago and the couple haven’t been seen on WWE TV ever since, with Cena off filming new projects while Nikki recovers from a recurring neck injury.

Cena and Nikki have let cameras into their lives for the past four years as part of Total Divas and the spin-off known as Total Bellas.

Cena is one of the most popular and well-known stars in WWE and over the past few years, his family has grown somewhat. When Cena eventually marries Nikki he will take on Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella as his brother and sister-in-law and John Laurinaitis and Kathy Colace as his mother and father-in-law.

While Nikki and John have allowed cameras to explore their whole lives for the past few years, the relationship between Cena and his in-laws has managed to remain quite well hidden throughout his involvement in Total Divas and Total Bellas which means that there are some facts that the WWE Universe doesn’t actually know.

15 15. John Invited Daniel And Brie To Live In His House For A Month

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When Nikki Bella was recovering from neck surgery last year she decided to be part of a new spin-off series called Total Bellas where Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella, and their brother and sister all moved into Cena’s house in order for the series to be recorded and so Nikki had some support when Cena was away filming and working.

The series doesn’t seem to have been renewed for a second season and it wasn’t that much of a big hit with the WWE Universe. But it was a way for the entire Cena and Bella clan to all live together under the same roof and be able to settle their differences in their own ways. It probably didn’t turn out as well as WWE thought it would though, which is why it hasn’t been renewed.

14 14. John Laurinaitis Is Cena’s Father-In-Law

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As part of Total Bellas season finale, John Laurinaitis married Kathy Colace which means that in the coming months he could become Cena’s father-in-law. Laurinaitis is already well known to the WWE Universe as a former General Manager of Money Night Raw and currently works backstage as one of WWE’s creative team.

Johnny Ace was well-known in the wrestling world for a long time before he met Kathy after the Bella Twins rose to fame on WWE TV. The Bellas don’t have a lot of contact with their real father so it’s nice that someone like John has stepped in to become the sensible person that both Nikki and Brie need in their lives right now. Laurinaitis appeared on Total Bella’s many times as well leading up to his wedding with Kathy.

13 13. Cena’s House Rules Apply To His In-Laws As Well

When John Cena agreed to have the Bella family move in with him for a month when he was part of filming WWE TV, they were all told that they had to adhere to all of the house rules as well.

When Nikki moved in with John Cena she was forced to sign a 76-page agreement that told her what she could and couldn’t do in the house so that there were fewer arguments between her and John moving forward. While Nikki knew that she was signing up for when she started dating Cena and his OCD issues, the family were unaware of this and one of the most fun parts of Total Bellas was seeing Daniel and Brie attempt to adapt to the rules in a house they didn’t feel welcome in.

12 12. Brie Bella Didn’t Like John Cena’s Agreement

When John Cena and Nikki Bella moved in together in the first season of Total Divas, John asked Nikki to sign a cohabitation agreement beforehand. This could be because he divorced his wife after her improvements on his house cost them a lot of money. But either way, it upset Nikki because she thought Cena only saw her as a guest in his home.

She called Brie and her sister was on her side when it came to how silly the agreement was and that a normal relationship shouldn’t need her to sign such a thing. John isn’t like most people and this caused a lot of problems early in his relationship. But Nikki agreed to sign the contract and the two have lived happily since. Brie still has reservations about the whole thing though and even expressed these when Cena talked about never marrying or having kids with Nikki.

11 11. John Cena Has Another Brother And Sister-In-Law

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Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are not the only brother and sister-in-laws that Cena will be gaining when he finally marries Nikki. As seen on many episodes of Total Divas and Total Bellas, the twins have a brother named JJ who is married to a woman named Lauren. The couple found out that they were having a baby in the first season of Total Bellas and now Cena is an uncle to two little girls with their baby called Lola.

JJ and John have had many on-screen interactions over the past few years and there was even a point in Total Bellas where JJ decided that he could be a wrestler. It was a short-lived dream that didn’t go anywhere. JJ is the one member of the family that has nothing to do with the wrestling business, he instead worked for the same place as his mother.

10 10. Cena Has A Strange Mother-In-Law Relationship With Kathy

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Kathy moved into John’s house along with JJ and Brie when it was decided that Total Bellas would become an E! Network show. Kathy seems to be quite happy in John’s company and is the one who cracks out jokes when he’s around and actually managed to feel quite comfortable around John even though he was in his own house.

Daniel and Brie mentioned that they felt uncomfortable in John Cena’s house because it was a lifestyle that they weren’t used to and even showed up to dinner one night without wearing shoes because they were so confused by all of the house rules. Kathy had no issues following the rules and staying on the right side of their host, throughout her stay with the couple in Tampa.

9 9. Brie, Kathy And JJ Asked John Cena To Breakup With Nikki

Back in 2015 the biggest Total Divas storyline was the fact that Nikki wanted to get married and have kids and she was still trying to change John’s opinion on both of these things. But she was having no luck. Her family were the ones that she complained and became upset with every time John Cena shut her down and they decided to talk to John about it.

Brie, Kathy, and JJ then invited Cena to breakfast and told him that Nikki was the kind of woman who had always wanted to be married and have kids and that she had stuck to all of this until she met him and now he was forcing her to change for him which wasn’t fair. This is why Cena then began thinking about letting Nikki go so she could find happiness elsewhere.

8 8. Daniel Bryan Once Walked Out Of Cena’s House

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The whole point of Total Bellas was that Nikki’s entire family were going to move into Cena’s house and help to support and look after her while she recovered from neck surgery. But this isn’t actually what happened at all. The family got into a lot of fights over house rules and Daniel Bryan wasn’t in a good place at that time in 2016 so he was struggling with depression.

It all became too much for Bryan in the end and he decided to leave. He actually left Brie behind while he decided to go and sort his mental state out. Brie was increasingly worried about him. But she knew that he was struggling without wrestling in his life and that there was nothing she could do to help him.

7 7. Daniel Bryan Was Kissing Nikki Bella On WWE TV Before Cena

That’s right! Before The Bella Twins were fighting with each other, they were fighting over Daniel Bryan. It was an odd storyline that saw both twins fight over a man that would later go on to marry Brie Bella and be the brother-in-law to John Cena, the man who is set to marry Nikki.

While John and Nikki appear together on WWE TV now for the first time since the company has finally allowed them to be a couple as part of SmackDown Live, it is going to be a strange one when Birdie decides to Google her parents when she’s older and sees that Auntie Nikki and Brie were once fighting over her father and John Cena wasn’t even in the picture. Maybe someone will have to tell her that wrestling is scripted from the beginning.

6 6. The Whole Family Were On One Show

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When Daniel Bryan was forced to retire from in-ring action back in 2016, it was shown on Total Bellas just how hard it was for him to adjust to life without wrestling. So it was a great idea for WWE to bring him back and allow him to still be part of the company without having to be a physically active star.

Bryan being part of SmackDown Live as the General Manager meant that he was in charge of both Nikki Bella and John Cena leading into WrestleMania this year. This led to a lot of issues between The Miz and Daniel Bryan because The Awesome Star felt that Bryan was favouring his brother and sister-in-law throughout their feud. It made for some interesting Talking Smack episodes even if it wasn’t completely real.

5 5. Brie Was The Only One Missing When Cena Proposed

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John Cena popped the question to Nikki Bella back at WrestleMania 33 and she obviously said yes. The duo were cheered on by 75,000 fans inside the Camping World Stadium in Orlando Florida, and amongst those fans were the likes of Kathy Colace, John Laurinaitis, and SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan.

Brie Bella wasn’t able to join her sister for the moment she had been waiting a number of years for because she was heavily pregnant so she couldn’t fly. This meant that she missed WrestleMania for the first time in more than a decade. Brie later shared a video about her excitement for her sister and the future that awaits her with John Cena though, which is nice. Nikki even returned for Brie’s final match at WrestleMania 32 so it was sad that Brie couldn’t be there for Nikki’s moment.

4 4. John Cena Once Lost to His Father-In-Law

Back at Over the Limit in 2012 John Cena and John Laurinaitis actually faced off in a one-on-one match after what had become a personal feud between Cena and the Raw General Manager. Big Show involved himself in the match as well because Laurinaitis had fired The World’s Largest Athlete just days before.

It appeared as though Big Show was on Cena’s side and was humiliating Laurinaitis for much of the match before he went for the Chokeslam and decided to change his mind. Instead, he threw John into Cena and when Cena went for the AA, Big Show knocked him out which then allowed Laurinaitis to cover him for the victory. Cena got revenge further down the line when Laurinaitis was fired by Vince McMahon because he then AA’d him through the announce table.

3 3. John Cena Is An Uncle To Two Little Girls

When John Cena eventually marries Nikki Bella he will also become an uncle to Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s newborn baby Birdie Joe. Cena has never been a person who has talked about having kids and at one point there was an episode of Total Divas where Nikki was going to freeze her eggs because she wanted to ensure that she could have children later in life if she ever broke up with John.

Despite his obvious dislike of his own children, Cena enjoys other people’s and has managed to grant more than 500 wishes to fans of the WWE Universe through the Make A Wish Foundation. This means that he will definitely be a hands-on uncle when it comes to the latest addition to WWE’s most famous family and JJ’s daughter Lola.

2 2. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella Adopted Cena’s Dog

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Nikki Bella and John Cena decided that they wanted a dog last year and it was introduced in an episode of Total Bellas. His name is Winston and he is the same dog as Josie, who belongs to Daniel Bryan and Brie.

John Cena isn’t actually a fan of dogs and when Josie came over to Cena’s house with Daniel and Brie, she actually bit Cena. It wasn’t long after this that Daniel and Brie adopted Winston and now take care of him along with Josie. Winston made many appearances in the latest season of Total Divas because he now lives with Brie and Daniel and their newborn baby Birdie Joe. This could be because Cena doesn’t like dogs or it could be because Nikki and John travel a lot and don’t have time to look after a dog.

1 1. John Chose To Drop The WWE Championship To Daniel Bryan

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Back at SummerSlam 2013, John Cena was forced to drop his WWE Championship because he had to go and have surgery on his elbow, which had managed to swell up like a tennis ball. Heading into the event, there were many challengers for the WW Championship but the WWE Universe wanted Daniel Bryan to have a shot and John Cena agreed.

At this point, Daniel wasn’t married to Brie but he and Cena were friends. Cena chose to defend his championship against the up and coming star which actually led to one of the greatest storylines that WWE have ever come up with between Daniel Bryan and The Authority. Cena wanted to wrestle Daniel Bryan and it was a face vs face match with Triple H as the referee that actually managed to work, much to the shock of many of the fans.

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