Inside LeBron James’ Jaw-Dropping $36.8M Los Angeles Mansion

Nov 19, 2023 11:46 am

This summer, it was no ꜱеϲгеt that LeBron James was searching for his new dream property in the most prestigious zip code in Los Angeles. The NBA sensation had his sights set on a particularly opulent residence nestled in the mountains above Beverly Hills, in the prestigious BHPO neighborhood.
This week, LeBron James closed on this extraordinary residence for a cool $36.8 million. The sprawling estate was a slam dunk for him – a vibrant Mediterranean-style compound with a rich history. After a tremendous Lakers season, this could be the king’s ultimate reward. along with an NBA championship, of course. This week, we’ll see how that pans out.
Built in the 1930s, the magnificent multi-structure compound in front of you has a storied, only-in-Hollywood pedigree, with past owners such as Charles Boyer, a renowned actor of that era who starred in numerous black-and-white classics.
In the late 1940s, RKO Pictures, one of the most prominent studios in Hollywood at the time and a corporation owned by the legendary Howard Hughes, purchased Boyer’s 2.5-acre estate following an unusual contract settlement. Technically, the eccentric billionaire was the owner of this property, but he never resided there.
Instead, he leased this palatial estate to his ex-lover and 20th-century icon Katharine Hepburn, who resided here at the height of her career. Imagine a four-time Oscar winner and one of the finest actresses from the golden age of Hollywood residing there.
After Katharine Hepburn left this extraordinary Beverly Hills home, it was owned by non-famous individuals until 1986, when talk show host and soap opera creator Lee Phillip Bell and her husband and business partner William J. Bell purchased it for $2.9 million.
The couple who created two of the longest-running American television soap operas, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful, upgraded and restored this property to its former grandeur. The premises have also been landscaped with formal gardens and mature trees.
After her husband’s passing, Lee Bell continued to reside there until her demise in March of this year. After a few months, this meticulously maintained estate was listed for sale for the first time in decades. The property was initially listed for $39 million, so LeBron James received a 6 percent discount by purchasing it for $36.8 million.
The mesmerizing property is protected by an impressive array of cameras and one of the largest driveway gates in Los Angeles, ensuring that the NBA superstar will have complete privacy. The residence is only accessible via an expansive driveway flanked by mature cypress trees.
The long driveway terminates at the residence, where a magnificent stone fountain and a dozen mature palm trees create an impressive first impression. This palatial estate’s interior features a living room with a vaulted ceiling and exposed wooden beams, an exceptional dining room situated directly beneath a massive skylight, a cozy movie theater, and a carpeted library with built-in shelves.
Apart from the main house, this property features two detached guesthouses, a tennis court with a small viewing pavilion, several al fresco dining and entertaining areas, and a magnificent oval swimming pool that recalls the property’s Golden Hollywood past. Add to that the tranquil views of the entire Los Angeles skyline and the gigantic gold Buddha that guards the property, and you have a home that would be a dream for anyone.
LeBron James continues to own two opulent properties in the affluent Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, one of which was purchased for $21 million and remained mostly vacant, and the other, where he currently resides, was purchased for $23 million when he officially joined the Los Angeles Lakers. This Beverly Hills estate is the best of the best.