‘I don’t get tired’: LeBron James Sends a Bold Message to Doubters as He Approaches His 39th Season

Nov 19, 2023 11:46 am

LeBron James is entering his 39th year, an age when most players retire or are already out of the league. However, the Los Angeles Lakers star has no intentions to slow down anytime soon.
The superstar forward ade this abundantly apparent in his most recent workout video, in which he also discussed how he maintains his motivation after two decades in the NBA.
James stated, as a stern reminder to his haters, that he never considers feeling tired because if he does, it will occur.
"Do not intend anything. Tired is a mental construct. You will be tired if you believe you are weary. James narrated in his exercise video, "I don't get tired."
While some may be growing weary of LeBron James' annual offseason workout posts, they serve as a good reminder of why he's had such a successful career. James always takes care of his physique, and he has no qualms about spending millions to extend his career.
James's longevity and dominance in the NBA, however, cannot be attributed solely to his physical prowess. His superior mentality should serve as an example for his colleagues as they attempt to follow in his footsteps.
James will enter the 2023-24 season with championship aspirations, and while he may be elderly, it would be incorrect to count him and the Lakers out. Moreover, the Purple and Gold appear poised to once again contend for a postseason berth.